James Stavridis: A Navy Admiral’s Thoughts on Global Security

Stavridis is articulate and engaging, but he fails to be persuasive. His abuse of the term “open-source” is off-putting, and his obvious inclination towards exercising hard military might makes it hard to take his peaceful alternatives seriously. Yes, there are hospital ships manned by public and private sector collaborations, and yes there are military efforts to help Afghani citizens read; but not once in this talk did Stavridis mention the overwhelming destructive role our military plays in global security.

Collateral Murder. Drone strikes on weddings, hotels, villages and cities. An Iraqi civilian death toll equivalent to a 9/11 every two months for ten years. Plus, if we’re talking “open-source security” you’ve gotta add SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA to that list. As well as unauthorized crackdowns on Occupy protests, an irrational commitment to the War on Personal Freedom (errr I mean Drugs), and increasing militarization of our domestic police force.

PS, fuck you. That is all.

Imaging at a trillion frames per second


A camera so unimaginably fast that it can take slow-motion video of light in motion. With this technology you can see around corners, or look inside a person’s body without x-rays. You could tell if an apple were ripe or if it had a worm in it, just by watching how the light behaves with the apple.

This is gonna be in your phone. Actually, by the time this technology is commercially viable for mass markets, they’ll probably just install femtocameras in your contact lenses so you can just incorporate these features into your day-to-day vision.

Who’s down?

Yoav Meden: Ultrasound surgery — healing without cuts

"High-intensity focused ultrasound is a highly precise medical procedure that applies high-intensity focused sonic energy to locally heat and destroy diseased or damaged tissue through ablation."


This could be a cheaper and more effective way of treating cancer… with fewer side-effects than chemo too.

The talk TED refused to host on their website: and it’s a quick blurb about income inequality, and the disastrous consequences of a society that believes the rich are the job creators.

The rich do not create jobs. Wealthy businessmen hire people only as a last resort, under pressure from increased demand. And where does that demand come from? Consumers. A thriving middle-class. When the 99% have disposable income, they spend it. And this increased expenditure forces the market to produce more, which forces firms to hire more, expanding the economy and resulting in a more prosperous society for all.

Everyone’s better off if the working and middle class have lots of money to spend — even the rich.


made me remember.

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